Install WordPress on Local PC

Why would you create WordPress website locally?

You might create WordPress website locally just to try and test WordPress website. Actually it helps you to test themes or plugins on your local site, before using it on your live website.

So, if you want to build a WordPress site on your local pc, you can do that just by clicking here.

Now, let’s start.

You can create your website in just 3 steps:

Step 1: Download Xampp (

Select your device to which you want to download Xampp after that your download will start automatically. After download is completed install the Xampp. When you install the Xampp, new folder is created. So, open the folder and at the bottom of the folder you will see Xampp-control application file. So, open that application file. Click on Start button under Apache and MySQL.

Step 2: Install WordPress (

Click on “Get WordPress” and then click on “Download WordPress”. You need to extract the WordPress file. You can find here (

Now you need to copy the extracted WordPress file into the previously installed Xampp file under “htdocs” folder. If you are confused you can see this video ( Open your browser and go to localhost/wordpress to install the WordPress. After this you need to create the database. To create the database go to localhost/phpmyadmin.

So, we’ve successfully installed the WordPress and created the database. Now, let’s move to third step.

Step 3: Login to your WordPress (localhost/wordpress/wp-login)

After you are logged in to your WordPress, you can install and activate the theme of your choice and give it awesome design.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully created WordPress website on your local pc.

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