Import Products From Aliexpress to Woocommerce

Do you want to import products from Aliexpress to your WordPress woocommerce store with just a few click- You can do that just by clicking here.

This could be done in just four steps.

Step 1: Create free account is

Before you register in Ezusy, make sure you select “Free Plan” and click on “Register Now.” Fill all your details and click on submit button to submit your details. Then you will get logged in to Ezusy account.

Step 2: Connect “Ezusy” with “Woocommerce”

Go to your WordPress dashboard and from the left hand side bar hover over to WooCommerce and click on settings. Click on “Advanced” option from the top bar and click on “Rest API” option. After that click on “Create an API Key” option and finally click on “Generate API Key” to create new API key. You will finally see Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. Now you need to copy and paste both of these keys in your Ezusy account. To paste those keys go to your Ezusy account and click on “setting” option and go to “General” and paste your keys there and finally click on connect.

If you are confused, click here to watch complete tutorial.

Step 3: Install chrome extension for Ezusy

Recommended Browser: Brave Browser (

You can install Ezusy chrome extension by clicking here.

Step 4: Push Aliexpress products to your WordPress website

To push the products, select any one of the product and click on blue Ezusy Icon displayed on right hand side of the product. That’s it, the products will get automatically pushed to your Ezusy dashboard. Now again you need to push the product from Ezusy to your Woocommerce store. For this just select the button and click on green upload/push button displayed above the products.

Congratulations! Your products will get exported to WooCommerce store in just a few clicks for free.

You can watch complete tutorial here:

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