How to Integrate 2Checkout with WordPress?

This article describes how to purchase 2Checkout plugin and integrate it with woocommerce. It also includes other customization that need to be done at 2Checkout account. Basically, 2Checkout is an international credit card merchant which supports over 200 countries and territories, more than 45 payment methods and available in more than 30 languages.

To integrate 2Checkout with WordPress, follow these steps:

Step 1: Purchase and Download the Plugin

  1. Purchase 2Checkout Inline Checkout plugin from here:
    [NOTE: Write your correct email address because plugin download link will be sent to your email address as soon as you make the payment]
  2. After you purchase the plugin, click on “DOWNLOAD” button to download the plugin, sent to your email address.

Step 2: Install and Activate 2Checkout Plugin

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. In the left-hand side bar, click Plugins.
  3. Click Add New.
  4. Click Upload File and select the .zip file (that your just downloaded from and click on Install Now.
  5. After installing the plugin, click Activate Plugin.

Step 3: Configure 2Checkout from Woocommerce Settings

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. In the left-hand side bar, hover over Woocommerce and click settings.
  3. Click Payments on the top bar.
  4. Click on Enabled and click on Set up as shown in the image below.
  5. Finally enter your Account Number, Secret Word and click on Save Changes as shown in the image below.
    [Note 1: You can find your Account Number/Merchant Code and Secret Word under: 2checkout dashboard > Integrations > Webhooks & API]
    [Note 2: Secret Word means Instant Notification Service (INS) secret word.]

Step 4: Configure 2Checkout settings

  1. Go to: 2checkout dashboard > Integrations > Webhooks & API
  2. Tick on “Enable return after sale,” select “Header Redirect” under “Return method” and paste this URL under “Approved URL” section: (Replace with your domain name) and click on update as shown in the image below.

Step 5: Setup Instant Notification Service

  1. Go to: 2checkout dashboard > Integrations > Webhooks & API > INS settings
  2. Click on “Add endpoint
  3. Paste this URL: (Replace with your domain name) under both “Endpoint name” and “Endpoint URL” and finally click on “Save endpoint” as shown in the image below.
  4. Now setup the notification URL for Order Created, Fraud Status Changed, Invoice Status Changed and Refund Issued. For this click on Edit under Trigger named “Order Created”.
  5. Then click on “Enabled” tick under “Available Endpoints” and click on “blue button” as shown in the image below. Then the URL will be transferred to “Selected endpoints.”
  6. Scroll down and click on “Select all” under the “Parameters” and finally click on “Save trigger” at the bottom of the page.
  7. Repeat the same process for: Fraud Status Changed, Invoice Status Changed and Refund Issued. And at the end, your “Trigger list” should look like as shown in the image below.

Now let’s do the real transaction to see how this is working!

  1.  Select any product, go to checkout page of the website and click on “Pay via 2Checkout”, then popup appears as:
  2. After providing Card Number, Expiration Date and CVV code click on Pay.
  3. If provided information are correct and if transactions goes successfully, you will receive “Thank You” notice with “Order Summary” as shown in the image below.

So, following these simple steps, you can integrate 2Checkout with WordPress.


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  1. Faris

    Thanks for sharing; very helpful

  2. Volkan

    How can I add 25% discount coupon on checkout?

    1. Keeful

      After you enter you email and country on checkout, there you will see option “Add Coupon”. Click on that “Add Coupon” and enter “CHRISTMAS” as coupon code. Is there anything I can help with, please let me know.

  3. Said Elshayeb

    Thanks Keeful,
    It received and installed it but, after the user pay for my course (im selling online courses) i have to manually compete the order from woocommerce dashboard even so i already received the money on my 2Checkout account. how can i solve that problem?

    1. Keeful

      This is caused if your buy link secret word and ins secret word are different. Make sure you edit and make both codes same from your 2checkout account.

  4. Sultana

    can i integrate 2checkout in learndash with my funnel buying system not woocommerce? I want a email what will send an auto generated user and password after purchasing the course. ( I sell online courses )

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