How To Get Your 2Checkout Account Approved?

This article describes how to get your 2checkout account approved and avoid your account from getting rejection. So, what is 2checkout? Basically, 2Checkout is an international credit card merchant which supports over 200 countries and territories, more than 45 payment methods and available in more than 30 languages.

Before applying for 2Checkout account, you need to check out the 2Checkout pricing. There are three packages under 2Checkout. They are: 2Sell, 2Subscribe and 2Monitize. There are no setup fee and no any hidden costs for creating and getting your account ready. Certain percentage is deducted after you make your sales as the transaction fee and it depends upon the package you choose.

So what is the next step after your account is active? Well, the next step is setting up your payout details and integrating your 2Checkout account with your website.

If you are using WordPress, you can check out this blog to integrate 2Checkout with WordPress.

Do you want to integrate 2Checkout with Shopify? You can checkout this video to integrate 2Checkout with Shopify:

It’s not like you created a store or website, add 2checkout as the payments options and you receive the payments from your customer. Before this you need to fill up the application form and then submit to 2checkout. 2checkout is going to manually review your website or store to ensure that your website is as per their policy. Before submitting the application make sure that your website is up and running meaning your website should be online and 2checkout should see the content on your website. Do not display any coming soon page or any other maintenance page on your website.

To submit the application form, to need to create account first on 2checkout. After you created the account login to your account and then click on request activation at the left hand side bar on your dashboard.

An application form will pop up. Just fill up that application form but make sure that all the information you entered there are correct and legit.

But before filling the form, you should take care of the following 7 things:

  1. Physical Address: The business address listed in your 2Checkout account should be complete. You should provide a complete physical address for your business including a building number, street name, city, state and postal code.
  2. Credit Card collection: You should remove the system or function on your website that collects credit card information directly from your customers because 2Checkout will do it for you. If you collect the information, it may impact PCI-DSS compliance this is: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Compliance.
  3. Empty Pages: In order to move forward with approval process, you should either remove your empty pages or fill it because 2Checkout won’t support a website that has empty pages.
  4. Zero Pricing: 2Checkout won’t support a website that has zero pricing products or “Pay only shipping” scheme.
  5. Website should be up and running: In order to complete account approval process 2Checkout needs to review your website. So your website should be up and running and you cannot display something like “Coming soon” page or “Maintenance” page on your website.
  6. Legit Information and Documents: All the information and documents that you sent like name, phone number, address, owner’s documents, and business documents should be legit and correct.
  7. Prohibited products:  2Checkout won’t support the transactions for prohibited products. So if you are trying to sell prohibited products through your website, your application will not be accepted. You can check lists of prohibited products here:

After filling all the information from your application form just click on submit application. Your submitted application will be held for review and if any additional details are required they will notify you through email.

Finally your account will be approved within 5-7 business days and you will receive email from 2checkout notifying your account is now active and now you can conduct live transactions.

If you need any other help please write down in the comment below or you can email us at

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  2. Ginna

    Hello. Thank you for the clear and helpful article. I submitted my 2checkout application 2 days ago and it is under evaluation. I embedded a Shopify Buy Button on to my website and want to use 2Checkout to process the cc payments. My website is running and the content for the product I want to sell (cacao nibs) is right there on the homepage.
    The only potential problem I see is that I don’t have “business documents” to upload. I didnt get any “Error” warning and my application appears to be under evaluation. Do I need business documents even if I applied as a sole proprietor and used my individiual government ID number as the Tax ID as well?
    Also, I do have a page where I accept donations via cc (thru Stripe) but I don’t wish to link Shopify to that account because it is the US and I have relocated to Ecuador. I am trying to do the Shopify/2 Checkout combo because I want to receive my payments here in Ecuador where I live and am a citizen.
    Should I disable the active donation cc link?

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      You may not need business document for now.

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    I’m just a new business and did’t start seling yet and apply for 2checkout and after review they ask me for this .

    Please provide copies of your last 6 months payment processing/paid sales history. We can accept to review processing statements for less than 6 months of commercial activity so you must be able to provide us with screenshots from your current or previous payment processor. These screenshots will need to confirm transactions occurring through this URL or another URL that you own with active sales from the last 6 months. These screenshots must contain your name, your company name or account name.

    How can i provide this , even i just start my busniness 1 month ago and did not start selling yet.

    Can you pls answer me ?

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      I have the same issue. Please advise. Thanks

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